LOOKING INWARD - 5x7 inches, Watercolor on Paper

LOOKING INWARD - 5x7 inches, Watercolor on Paper


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Breath in, breath out, 

One day at a time,


You can’t change the past, 

Live today, like how you want tomorrow to be,

Embrace today, 

Layer by layer it comes into focus.

These are some of the thoughts I had as I quietly created these new painting that are a part of the “MEDITATION” collection. 

These paintings were slowly developed intentionally with the mindset to live in the moment and embrace whatever season you find yourself in. 


  • Original watercolor painting on heavyweight paper by Kendra Castillo 

  • Signed on the front, title and date written on back

  • Comes UNFRAMED (no props or frames seen in the photos come with your new artwork)

* Payment Plans are available: If you find a painting you would like to use a payment plan on, just message me with the paintings Name and I'll reserve the painting for you + email you with more details. 


*Not all monitors are created equal. Therefore take note that colors may vary slightly. 

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