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Because we weren't meant to do this alone


But, seriously

Life is hard and chasing your passions can be an endless road of difficult. But it is also something made of magic and beauty and when you taste your soul doing the thing it was always meant to do, then that calls for some major champagne popping and a dance partying! 

And you know what... 

You shouldn't be drinking that champagne alone! 

I want you to know your dreams are worth chasing. Your ideas are worth sharing.

And I want you to know, you're not along. This is a place to encourage & uplift and I hope by sharing my journey, you will have a greater understanding that I get you, I feel ya! I have been there, I have been scared, tired and oh so confused, but not any more. 



Want to hang out together?? 

I'd love to invite you to sign up for my special CREATIVE COMMUNITY newsletter list (I like to think of it as little insider notes to some of the best people around!)

(I'm giving away my 6 page Business start up Workbook)


This list is special...

It's sole purpose is to help you find your passions, step out and make amazing things happen for yourself and your business. I'll be sending out emails sharing insider info about what has helped me find my lane as an artist. What has helped me stay focused when things got tough and how I went from nothing to working one-on-one with some of the most amazing clients. 

I'll be sharing how to stay true to "you" and how find the freedom you always wanted.

I've had the pleasure of sitting down (online & not) sipping on coffee (of course) and helping some amazingly creative people find that spark again. There is nothing more exciting to me then seeing someone realize their potential and that what they have to offer the world is one of a kind! 



You may be asking... 

Q. Would it only be beneficial to me if I was an artist? 

A. Nope! The tips shared will be for anyone ready to chase their dreams and find what makes them really come alive! 

Q. So this is different then your normal "Freebies & Updates" Newsletter 

A. Yes, this newsletter wont be sharing shop updates or new art releases. This will be a place to share my experiences from my past & present as an artist and business owner. My hope is to be honest and vulnerable with you. To share the things I wish someone told me when I was first chasing my passions.